Can't make particular site public

I have a site that I can’t make public. The interface is responding in ways that surely are not intentional.

I think the problem was caused because I did something silly and unusual: I duplicated the old version of a site, and made my new copy the “canonical” version. I renamed the old one as “blah blah_archive” and set the new version to the name of the original. Then I removed the old version from my public profile, and now I need to put the new one on there.

In the future, I’ll make the new copy the archive, and keep the original as the living, current copy. That should prevent this from happening again. But alas, having made that mistake, and I have this problem. I mention those details because they will probably help y’all understand, fix and prevent this.

So, what are the buggy symptoms I’m experiencing?

I know this is one of those weird annoying problems. If y’all could help me sort it out, I would greatly appreciate it!

Just recategorized from Bug to Need Help. Can I get a hand on this? :smile:


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