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Problems referencing a CMS reference field

I’ve got a Confirmation Page CMS collection which points to a Landing Page collection. I have all the fields in the Landing Page collection so that when I build a Confirmation Page collection item, I simply need to choose which Landing Page to point to.

I’ve added a collection list to the Confirmation Page template and bound it to the Landing Page collection, and can access many of the Landing Page fields. Further, I have a reference field on the Landing Page collection called “Upsell Asset” and can access most of the fields for that asset. I am, however, unable to access the reference fields (i.e. Category).

Is this a limitation of Webflow or do I need to change something on my end?

Hi @eburnett, thanks for the questions. I think I am not completely understanding how you wish to use the category reference field in your design. A couple of things that will help to understand and take a look would be:

  1. Read-only link to the project:

  2. Page name where you are trying to use the Category reference, and the collection list/element. A screenshot of the element in the designer would help.

Multi-reference fields can be displayed on collection template pages using collection lists:

Single reference fields can be displayed in Collection lists on Static pages and on collection template pages:

To show a reference field in a collection list, select the reference field from the list of fields.

To show a multi-reference field, create a collection list on your template page for the collection with the multi-reference field, and bind the collection list on the page to the multi-reference field.

After that, in the collection list you will be able to display all fields from the collection used for the multi-reference, i.e. on a blog post template, which had a multi-reference category field, you would put a collection list on the Blog post template page and then bind the collection list to the Category reference field in the Blog post collection.

The collection list bound to the category reference will now populate with all multi-item references.

I hope this helps.

Thanks @cyberdave!
I may be trying to do too much with collections since it seems I want to go 1-2 layers deeper than the scenario you outline above.

  1. Landing Pages collection has a reference field called Upsell Asset, and another called Category.
  2. I use both of these on several Landing Pages (template), but also would like to access them on the Confirmation Pages template (where I choose which Landing Page to access). It is here where things get unclear, whether I bind to a Collection List (and try Limiting) or not.

I want (on the Confirmation Pages template):

  • Heading 3 (pulled from Landing Pages->Upsell Asset->Hero)
  • Upsell-resource-preview-image (pulled from Landing Pages ->Upsell Asset->Resource Preview Image)
  • HTML Embed text-link (pulled from Landing Pages -> Upsell Asset -> Category:Label)

The only way I’ve found to make these work is to define them in the Confirmation Pages collection. Any other solutions?

I have several other site changes on staging which can’t go live yet, but here is the preview link in case it at least gives you context.

Hope this additional description helps!

Hi @eburnett, Yes, it sounds like you are trying to do some multi-collection linking that is not yet supported in the current multi-reference feature.

At the moment the reference fields only work with one collection at a time, i.e. you can create multiple reference fields in a single collection, but the multi-referenced data can only be shown on the collection template where the multi-reference field is defined.

I think what you are trying to do is similar to:

It is possible to display data from the Landing pages collection while working on the Confirmation Pages template, this is possible by defining a multi-reference collection on the Confirmation page that lists out all the Landing pages.

The key is to create and display linked multi-reference info, on the collection template page where the multi-reference field is defined.

It is possible to create multiple multi-reference fields on your Landing pages collection, that can show upsell asset, category and related Confirmation page, so that the user can select confirmation page right from selected landing page.

I hope this helps.

Hi @cyberdave,

Can you share how the “You might also like…” section of the Webflow blog is built out? Are you using Tags and filters or do you have a novel way of working around this reference field limitation?