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Resize Video Embed Widget

I am using the webflow video embed widget. And I can’t get it to resize. I feel like there is something I am missing.

Have a look:

I just threw in a video as a placeholder for now.

The video widget will take up the room it has. The best way to size it is to size… its div container. Give dimensions to whatever contains the video widget and it should do what you’re looking for.

However, I tried you link and I can give px dimensions to the video widget directly and it resizes accordingly. What is the issue really?


Actually giving it a div isn’t working. I can’t work out how to resize the video. You can see what I am going for. I know how to make a image fill the current screen, but this video is giving trouble. But I also want a section below the hero and the hero is sitting on top of everything. I’ve been messing with position and z-index and nothing is working.

Final Answer was this tutorial:

Notes you need to create a div then add the embed widget. Then right in the widget under a new tag style it like the example. I’ll keep the preview link in this post forever.
In order to see it you need to publish the site. But the dark background is the video.

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