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Problem with interactions

I have an interactive village map on my webflow site. For each house you can click on it and see details about it.
Also I made an interaction - you can close it with 2 ways, by second click on a house or by clicking close button in the up right corner.

But I faced a problem - I need to close only one “window” with details about exact house, but when i click on close button, it closes all open “windows”.

In other project this problem could me solved with setting limiting to nested or sibling elements, but there it doesn’t works…

Another detail is that when i delete interaction about closing window by second click on house - my second way to close it start working correct.

I stucked and my hope is only for you, dear community :blush:

The style name of problem element is closebutton

And the problem interaction name is Close HoverMapBlock

Here is my public LINK

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