Problem with interactions on slider

I have a slider inside a hidden div, that I show after clicking on a button, imagine a lightbox but with a slider inside. The thing is, When I do this interaction to slider “moves to the next slide” stops working.

where i should add this Webflow.require(“slider”).redraw(); in my site

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Hi @Udayavani, when you post, could you also let us know which page the slider is on, and if possible a screenshot showing the slider? It makes it easier for people when they do not need to hunt for the element in the design.

The redraw code should be used in the Before Body of custom code in page settings, see here: Here are some good resources:

Using custom code in the head and body:

Thanks in advance.

when i click on click to display slider2 button the respective slider doesnot moves to the next slide” because the i had set the respective divisionof the slider to display:none.

Please help me out