Need help with show/hide interaction on Slider

Here is my public share link:
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Hi there,

Thanks for getting in touch. Make sure to give the second click of the button to trigger the same timed animation:

Do the same for both interactions and it should work as shown:

I would also set your Slider 2 to be display none as the initial state so that it is not shown on page load.

I hope this helps

@cyberdave Thanks for your response
But when the site loads I dont want to display both sliders instead of that I want my second slider should be hidden and shows only on button click

Hi @Udayavani, set the second slider to display none on page load, then it will be hidden until you click the button.

@cyberdave I tried that but It is effecting the slider functionality(i.e it is not moving to second slide)please help me out I am trying this from last week