Problem with grid responsiveness

I have prepared designs for portfolio grids both for a desktop screen and a mobile screen on Figma (screenshots below). And I have prepared it on Webflow for a desktop screen. But there are problems with a mobile screen. When I try to adopt it on a mobile screen by replacing and decreasing the counts of columns to 2, the grid is falling apart. Could you tell me how correctly adapt them to mobile screens?

@austin @Stan Guys, could you check this case, please?

Does no one know the answer?

hi @parvizbayram the easiest way how to have images on mobile under each other is to set your portfolio-grid to block so elements follow natural elements flow under each other.

Thank you, @Stan
Yeah, I already did it, but I have a problem with Orkestra again. I can’t resize it like the last 2 items on a mobile screen. I want to crop Orkestra from left and right and make it higher on a mobile screen.

like this?

or this?

Second one :partying_face: Should I only input these attributes?

hi @parvizbayram you can do anything you want it is just if you write custom media query.

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