Nested/Sibling Interactions on Dynamic Lists

This may be a bug, not sure, but I’ve tried creating an FAQ dropdown interaction using a dynamic list to populate the content.

My issue is that I’ve tried limiting the interaction to both Nested or Sibling Elements but it simply won’t work… Even though I know it should…

All I can manage is an interaction that applies itself across all elements with the same class.

Here’s a preview link:

I’ve set up both Static and Dynamic versions in the page: Untitled.

Hopefully someone can give me a hand!
Thanks in advance.

I’m looking into it.

Couldn’t resist trying this:


Your target is neither a sibling nor a child (nested) element so interaction limit can’t work with that structure.

Remove the interaction from the element it’s on, and affect it to its parent, this element

Now limit to sibling

it works

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You’re a genius Vincent!

Thank you very much :slight_smile:

I think I might actually use your fixed background idea too :wink:


Hurray for the rising moon!

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