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Problem with current/pressed states

Hey everyone,

I´m experiencing some problem with current/pressed states on my site.

Basically, I´d like that whenever you press a given element (the effect is a background color change), and when you pull the mouse out of the element, the element still remains in the pressed state (with the background color different from the normal state), until you press another element.

Here´s a print of the particular thing I need to achieve, and how it is working right now:

  1. whenver you hover over a circle, the backgroung color changes to the blue (like in the image)

  2. If you press a circle, a discription appears above (like on the print ), and when you press another cirlce a new discription appears, and the previous one disappears

  3. The problem is that I need the circles to maintain the blue background color (pressed state) until you press another circle

Is this possible? Anyone can help?

here´s the public link


Maybe you should do it with Interactions >> Trigge: click but currenthly trigger click does not produce changes in colour… :frowning: