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Permanet button opacity/color change after click needed - HELP

hello there, nice to meet u ppl over here, its my first post and Im quite new to webflow :wink:
doing the tutorials for a week now, which is quite a lot of input not beeing a real designer
and only with a fair amount of background when it comes to html/css programming.

so I have a question related to buttons and states, Im not finding any answer if I google it or going through the tutorials (maybe Ive missed that one). Its actually quite simple:

I have two buttons that have a background color opacity of value x (example 55%).
When I hover each of them, its set to 100% (state: hover).
Now what Im looking for is:

  • the button which is clicked (!) once, should stay with its opacity at 100% (even Im getting out of button hover focus)
  • when the first button is clicked, the second button sets its opacity back to 55%

I cant find the right start, except doing a on click animation. but not sure how and whats the right way.

In the states section of 1 button, click on “Focused” and use that state. It’s basically the ‘Active’ state, which is what you’ve probably heard online before. That’ll do it.

but focused only stays until the mouse leaves the focus area of the button as far as I know ?
I will give it a try

WOW, Im so happy, it works !!! thx a lot man !
I allways thought focus only does mean, as long as the mouseicon stays in the button area,
thats how focus worked in axure.

Awesome, glad it works! Have fun.

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