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Problem slideshow the same as

Hello I want to test the slider the same as

I almost made the website the same way…
But please can anyone help me to make it the same slider,
=> so the slide at the left or right side can be made dark.

Thanks a lot to help me.


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Hello @Karel_R

You can use interactions to make the slider that is out of view to be transparent. Let me do a quick screen record and show you.

Here’s the screen record >

All slides need to share the same class in order to do the interaction based on a class. I’m using hero-slider and a combo class slide-one, slide-two ect. in order to select different photos.

If you have more question feel free to reach out.

Piter :webflow_heart:

waauw thanks a lot! I will try it out!
incredible what webflow can do!

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  1. problem with the arrows: how to show a shadow when the button is only 50% transparent. (look to my updated project)

  2. problem social menu: only when I hover the linkblock the color over the fill changes, not the color of the textbox (fontawesome) => how can both changer when I hover over the linkblock?

  3. problem ‘growing’ (solution lightbox) have you seen: ‘NASCAR’ has no movie-lightbox, but is growing to the right, is this possible in Webflow that the box animates to a larger box with a youtube movie inside?


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Hello @Karel_R

Here’s the solution for the social links >

You need to add the icon color to the parent element > link block > and you can set the hover state icon color to be based on the link block

Slider arrow shadow >

Not sure about the slider shadow, but maybe the link above is what you want to achieve.

Lightbox > can’t really understand what you mean, but I will be happy to help!

hi Piter Dimitrov,

Last topic: the lightbox should be’ NOT in full screen’ but moving to the right side : a sort of animation(with a video inside), is that possible ?

=> a sort of reveal if you hover over the button: but than you have to see the movie (with a X to close again to normal state)
example 1: animation of button hart=X

: donut with like-button:
example 2: modal shows up with animation

I also found information on ‘webflow making modal’

there was a topic for pictures: square thumbnail picture to rectangle image…
but I want from square image to rectangle modal(with movie inside)

hello, look to

is there also a possiblity to change the oldschool look for scrolling in a div,
to the way that there is a button by hover showing up when you want to go scrolling down?

Thanks to help me

Hi almost perfect,

  1. why is there no slide at the left side showing up the first time?
  2. why is there a star+icon next to the arrow and not when i use fontawsome arrow-symboltext?
    (can I make a star-icon also?)


last but not least… make a lightbox the same way as

I found this lightbox but i want to create myself, as the normal website of
example not fully what i want:

How can i click onto an image that shows the image larger into a box?
=> can an database driven solution been used from webflow?

Thanks a lot to help me out!

image hover also possible over an icon to go to the other page?

the same as the social buttons? but how can I hover an image (in stead of a text in linkblock!?)


All mm-persons are database-items: Yesterday 18 december there came a New topic ‘pagination’ should this be a solution to scroll to previous/next person?
For mm-person I only need 1 item in a page of course, but I want to see all the mm-persons as link-Block!