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Editor mode: possible to change SQUARE thumbnail photo and RECTANGLE photo media?

Dear all,

In Editor, is it possible for a client to change the (square) thumbnail image and also the (rectangle image ) media inside a lightbox?

Hope that makes sense.

Obviously, they would need a square and rectangle version of their picture. But I can only see that they can change the thumbnail.

Thanks!! :slight_smile:


When in Editor mode, as there is a hover treatment over the photo, it won´t let me change the picture !

(as it keeps changing to the hover color, and the ´change picture symbol´disappears).


See either the ´galeria´ page or mini gallery half way down on the homepage.

In editor mode, I can´t change these pictures, as the hover effect prevents me from selecting the picture!

Any ideas?

I´m sure I saw a tutorial from @vincent that showed me this hover effect, but I can´t find the tutorial now!

Vincent, or anyone else, do you have any ideas on how I can amend the hover effect so I can change the pictures in Editor mode?


I’m afraid that it will be difficult to come up with something with these photos. Can you show the screenshots, how does it look like?

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