Private infos not to be displayed on source code


We have a premium member only section (paid membership) that should be unavailable for unlogged and free members. This section is blurred on the front end but we can access the private elements via the source code both in unregistered and free accounts.

We use memberstack to give acces to this information for premium users.

We need the private infos not to be displayed both on the front end and the source code for free members.

How can we do ?

Thank you

Hi Tal Tal, welcome to the forum.

What you’re describing is a Memberstack behavior- your best source of information there will be Memberstack’s forums and support team.

Hi @Maykik :wave: welcome to the forums.

That’s how Memberstack works.

If you don’t want that you can try to use another solution that doesn’t “hide” information on the front end.

Webflow has a beta version of it’s own Memberships feature that will stop what you’re seeing with Memberstack. The problem is, you’ll find it very limiting. Memberstack is very full featured.

If you want to keep using Memberstack, then put that private info in a separate service that can serve it to the front end after it’s authenticated the logged in user directly with Memberstack.

Here’s a screencast walking you through how to do just that with AWS, Memberstack, and Webflow:

Hope that helps!