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Interaction not working with Page Load

I created a page load screen that displays as a page load interaction. My homepage header’s CTA (Latest Project) and arrow interaction doesn’t work now. I think it has to do with the z-index of the page load screen being on top of it. I put it behind and the hover interaction reads again, but then the page load doesn’t work.

How do I get both my interactions to work and the page load?

Here is my public share link:

Let me know of any tips or solutions!

Hi Joyce,

you are right, the page load screen is blocking your CTA since you are using opacity (zero opacity means your loading screen is still there, on top of your CTA).

What you need to do is set a Hide/Show interaction when the page finished loading and set the Load Screen to display:none:

Hope this helps.

Thanks Chris! I was able to fix it with the hide show changed!