Printing Web Page Issues

My client would like to print off a page of their website, but when they do so they are getting blocks of white overlapping the screen. Any idea what may be causing this or how to correct it.

See attached screenshots

Here is my public share link:

Maybe try re-creating the simple typography driven layout as a letterhead sized PDF, and have them print that? That way you can control exactly how it looks & prints… If they want to make this available to the general public (“print a profile” functionality so to speak), then host the pdf & link to it with a button/link that says something along those lines…

Might be an easier approach than trying to wrangle your html/css design to conform to the world of print in this scenario.

Thanks for the idea, but I already suggested this to them. They insisted they need the ability to print it.

Hi @melphiz6, sorry to hear that there is issues printing the Webpage. When I looked in Chrome on Mac, it seems ok:

I would recommend the client check if there is any browser extensions loaded, and to also try another browser. The print function is a function of the browser, not of Webflow. I hope this helps.

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