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Designing a website for print

I have a restaurant owner client that wants to be able to print out a new menu every week.
I’m trying to think of an efficient way to do that – regardless of using CMS or not, my question is:
Is there a way to make sure the website fits perfectly inside an A4 document? So that when they right-click the page in the browser it just exports a nice PDF?
The website itself doesn’t even need to be published, its only purpose is to be a tool for changing the menu’s content.
So any tips on sizing / layout / etc would be very much appreciated :pray:

hi @Jas as this question is related to specific topic use your favourite browser and keywords you are looking for are “prepare website for print”. You will find many articles that will walk you thru this process and reveal possible issues and how to solve them. There are also online services that may do it for your client based on URL. Or your client can just simply use any text editor as MS Word and export PDF of JPG and upload to his/her website as restaurants do.