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Pricing for a Mobile Webflow Prototype?

Hey guys,

I had a lead come in recently looking for a mobile prototype and I’m looking to better understand how to package/price this type of offer.

Does anyone currently have ideas about this? What would you recommend?

Also, could those screens be exported to PDF somehow from Webflow? What would you guys recommend?


Hey @cjroe, i’m not 100% sure i understand.
Does your client want a design for an app or just for the responsive mobile part of an existing website ?

If option 1 :
I would have used adobe XD so my clients could use elements for his app, and maybe i would have done a live prototype on webflow.

If option 2 :
I would have definitely prototyped only on webflow.

About PDF :
Have a look on google, they are a lot of app that can screenshot the entire page of a website, with the width you want etc…

About Pricing :
For my personal work i try to evaluate the time i ll take on the project (4 days for example) and multiply with my daily price.
-> Price range for freelance designer in France for example : From 300€/day for a Junior to 1200€/day for a Senior.
Hope this helps,

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