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Price field form product collection shows different depending the page get the info

Hi, I have a foxycart store and the prices show correctly in the details product page, but we it’s the the category product grid page, the price there appear to be rounded up to be without decimals

the price in the data field y 64,95 for product “Cesto”
the price shown in category page: 65.0
the price show in detailed page with foxycart custom code: 64,95

With the rest of the products happens the same thing.

Could someone help me to show that same decimal exact price in the category grid page?


HI @Pablo_Ledo thanks for reaching out, it looks like you have some custom code on your product level page to modify the price display so it will likely display differently on that page compared to other instances:

Looks like you received this from @foxy so perhaps they can chime in here on that?

@waldo Thanks for pinging us, though this particular issue is Webflow specific.

@Pablo_Ledo If you go to your Category Collection Template, click on the price element and then go to element settings, you’ll see that the number format is set to “1 decimal”: It should be set to “default”. Let us know if we can help with anything else.


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Thanks a million for pointing that out @foxy :bow: glad you found the fix for the issue!

No worries at all. :slight_smile:

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That solved it!!! Thank you @Waldo and thank @foxy You guys are awesome! In my opinion the best solution for e-commerce so far to design a store using @webflow :slight_smile:

@Pablo_Ledo Glad we could help! Thanks for the kind words!