USD Displayed with E-Commerce Product Price

Hello, fellow Webflow users!
I am currently designing and developing an e-commerce store for one of my clients. In designing the template for the Product page, I connected a text block to display the price of each product/bundle being offered on the site. However, I noticed that the price automatically displays “USD” next to the price, which I would like to exclude if possible.

Besides creating a separate category, is there any way I can hide the “USD” aspect of the price? A response to this question is greatly appreciated … thanks!

Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow - Mr. J's High School History

EDIT: Read-only link not displaying my issue, so I’ve included a screenshot

Hey there! Assuming you have a ecommerce website, you should do the following customize your price format:

  1. navigate to settings > ecommerce > general
  2. scroll down until you find the Currency section
  3. under Price preview click Customize price formatting

Hope that helps!


@mpowell00 Thank you so much for your response!

I meant to update that my e-commerce website was updated with the process you mentioned above. A huge thank you!

I love you man, god bless!