Price calculation

Hi! I am creating an online carpet shop and I am struggling with how I can create the total amount. Basically I need to create a sum where it will be (4 x ___ ) x by the pice of the unit. so for example:

4 x 10 x $2 =

has anyone got any examples of this being made in webflow?

many thanks!

Hi Thomas, apologies I don’t have the answer as I am looking for exactly the same thing, but for wallpaper printing.

Woocommerce do a measurement price calculator which will probably work ok, but having used Wordpress for years and only discovering Webflow this last few months I really want to build our new custom wallpaper site in Webflow.

Looking through the forums it looks like this might work:

However I don’t know how to link this in with either a contact form on Webflow or ecommerce product.

I wonder if anyone else can guide us?
Thank you!

If you are trying to price items on the fly you will need to use a third party solution for commerce. would be my choice for something like this.

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Hi @Thomas_Leahy.
Josh from Foxy here. Please let us know if we can help with anything. Info on our seamless Webflow integration can be found here: Webflow |


Hey @Thomas_Leahy

Have you figure out how to create that calc?

I have the same challenge on my blind shop…