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Previously posted Superscript hack is missing

Can someone please post the solution for implementing superscript/subscript once again? I found it in a previous thread. Apparently there was a GIF that was posted that offered the solution (at least it was flagged as the solution). The problem is the GIF is no longer accessible.

Here’s the original thread

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Select the portion of text to superscript, click on the pen button in the popover to make a span* out of it, make sure you select the span itself, give this new span a class “superscript”, now style it as a superscript: in the Typography panel decrease the text size, then move it up using relative positioning.

* a span is a portion of something but technically speaking it's just an HTML element that you can style like a div or anything else. Looks like this in code: <p>the text <span> and the span in the text</span></p>

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Perfect. This worked like a charm. Thank you so much, Vincent!

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