Previewing animation? GIF's Question

I am not sure how many Windows users there are, but what suggestions you guys have when it comes to creating animated GIF’s for UI interactions, which to later preview on Dribbble?

From what I know the option there is :
Adobe After Effects

Which in this point of time I can’t afford, so is there any other method that you guys know of for saving GIF’s since Movie Maker doesn’t allow for that nor Davinci Resolve/Hit4 Film Express.

Any ideas over this matter is greatly appreciated it, did do research, but with no luck for Windows PC aside from After Effects, Thanks!

I’m not sure you should ask this question here for best results. It’s really a graphic design question, not really related to Webflow.


There are two aspects and I don’t know which you’re seeking to get info on

  • creating an animation
  • generating a gif file from an animation

What would be such an animation?

Indeed if what’s you’re after is Motion Design, After Effect is the industry standard, but it’s a very big application. Quick UI animations can be made on Mac with Keynote with great ease, I don’t know if powerpoint can do this.

Photoshop also includes a timeline to create animations.

Once you get an animation, series of fils or videos, on Windows you’ll be able to convert it to gif with the very affordable Affinity Designer or Affinity Photo. Users are requesting timeline features on this two apps.

Sorry for this very incomplete answer but for years now Windows has been lacking simple design tools. I believe this is going to change a it soon, as Windows getting more interest among designers lately.

Yeah. Seeing the potential of animations with Webflow it got me thinking of possible ways to preview those interactions, in a GIF format so that I can post them on Dribbble and other platforms, which then can also let me talk more about Webflow and its possibilities.

And I do indeed have Affinity Designer, but its not possible to create any kind of UI Animation with it yet, hopefully in the future. And from what I seen with Powerpoint vs Keynote, Keynote comes on top, due of its features offered, but then again never tried and tested Powerpoint to see if it has the possibilities for that.

And yeah After Effects is a huge application. Guess will just have to be patient and go with what I have for now.

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