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Preview on Mobile Phone: 'Your Screen Is Too Small'


When I attempt to view my preview link on my mobile phone, as soon as it tries to load it says ‘Your Screen Is Too Small’ Please access Webflow from a Desktop Device.

This surprised me, as compatibility with mobile devices seems to be a big focus of Webflow. Yet I am unable to test it on a mobile device.

Is this the case across the board or would there be something specific to how my site is set up that would prevent me from viewing on my mobile device? For the record, I have a iPhone 6Plus.

And here is my preview link:

Thanks very much.


The designer view is meant to be used on the desktop only.

There are 4 responsive controls you can use to toggle the widths.

If you need to view it on an actual mobile, publish the site.

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Gotcha. Thanks very much!

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