Preview 👁️ button missing. 😩

The preview button must have decided to take a vacation without informing anyone. Can someone enlighten me where it has gone?

Screenshot 2023-10-07 at 7.42.40 AM

Asked and answered already. Please check posts before posting. Thanks.

Ah, the classic search bar letdown! It seems the forum was feeling a bit shy today. In the sea of Q&As, my answer might have been doing the backstroke somewhere. I’ll keep up the search, and thanks for your valiant effort. :muscle:t3:

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I’m with you. I can’t find it either since the recent update. I tried searching the posts but all I’m getting are posts from years ago that are irrelevant.

@dannyFig @earlvarona
It’s the play button, top right.

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Thanks, Michael. I think I was so used to the ‘eye’ icon that my brain ignored the ‘play’ icon for a preview button. It’s interesting that it was almost invisible to me until you pointed it out. :grin:

I have also problem to switch to use play button that has absolutely different meaning in icons world (play music, video etc.) and has nothing to do with preview. The aye icon was more intuitive and was expressing much better what action we can expect. IMHO this icon change was a bad choice → bad UX.

this is when google “icon ‘preview’”

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Agree, but I also understand the thinking a bit in the context of interactions, background videos, lotties, and splines. If the web is headed in a more interactive, 3-D and motion-oriented direction, play sort of fits.

The change still feels odd though.

I agree – a ‘Preview’ icon would by far be more appropriate than a ‘Play’ icon.
Also, the icon is tiny, smaller than before, and positioned in between other buttons. Using it takes more effort and precision than before! It’s just such a key function that hiding it away with other little uses buttons seems madness!

Yeah I have been also thinking about why WF use a play icon, but even in context of Lottie, videos etc. it is still a preview of website (job done). Preview of its design and interactions .

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