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Prevent the client from going directly to the Editor?


I have some custom code on my website and I know that custom code doesn’t work in the Editor. Not a problem for me. But when my client (collaborator) wishes to go to his site (and is logged in), he goes directly to the Editor and sees his broken site.

It would be great if he could only get to the Editor using ‘?edit’.
Or did I miss some settings related to the Editor?


You can have your clients click on the “log out” button on the CMS toolbar:

Then when they need to login again, they can do so from the little tab on the bottom right :slight_smile:

Thanks for the suggestion, but…Well, that would be a great solution if my client was a computer-savvy person. He’s already panicking when I tell him to start the browser :laughing:

I actually thought I’d give him two links, and, so he could open them in two tabs, edit his lists and at the same time see the changes on the site.

But if it’s not possible, I guess, it’s time for him to learn something new :slight_smile: