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Prevent Mouse Move Resting State


I’m currently learning Webflow, I’m a Web Developer / Designer and usually work in TailwindCSS, AlpineJS and AnimeJS.

I have been using Webflow exclusively for more projects recently, and in between projects I go on Awwwards and try and replicate functionality that I find interesting in Webflow without any custom code. On here I really like the way the title follows you as you hover a work item. I have replicated it here - but the issue is, when you hover out it snaps back to the center. Not only is this really jarring, it’s not quite what I’m after.

I completely understand that this works well for most use cases that want to show the default 50% 50% when someone isn’t hovering, but I’m surprised to see no option like “Remember last mouse position” checkbox. It will add more flexibility for little effort.

I was wondering if anyone knew a way around this?

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