Mouse Over Element Crazy Behavior

Hi guys,

The animation behaves too weird when I put the mouse cursor over the stack between two images. The animation is set to Mouse over Element and it works normally but then it starts jumping when the mouse is around the border of the picture.

Do you know how I could fix this or even soften an animation when removing the mouse from an element? So that it returned to its normal state without such things?

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Hey Arthur,

I’m not sure if you already figured this out on your own but here’s a couple ideas on how you can manage that effect. First of all you can adjust smoothing in the interactions panel which will allow animation to play softer ( I’d say to go for something like 90% smoothing rather then 50%) The second thing that you might want to do is you can change animation resting state, at the moment it is resting as if your mouse was in the center ( When mouse is not oveer element) but I think the first solution might work better or you could even do combination of these two ideas.

This is the interactions panel in which you can adjust those settings:

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hi Uros
thanks for the answer. I tried using Smoothing. At first sight I thought it helped but then I noticed that it is still happening:

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The second option is not really applicable because the Resting state is already on 50% :frowning: