Prevent autotag "<div class="w-embed">"


Webflow automatically wraps my embedded code inside a tag:


In a particular page this behavior interferes with the overall functioning of the page.

Is it possibile to prevent Webflow from wrapping my custom code inside that div?

Thank you very much,

You can’t prevent the behavior but you can look at the generated styling. What specifically functionality is this effecting?

Hello Webdev,

Thanks for your reply.

This part of code is meant to select the sibling of the embedded code.

I tried “jumping above” the Webflow automatic embed div like this but it’s still not working.

Now I’m checking if other parts of the webpage are ok.

Can you please share a published URL. I should be able to take a look shortly after finishing some hosting tasks.


Thanks :slight_smile:

Since most of the CSS and JS is not loading since the paths are off, I was not really able to look much at your published link

You will have to factor your code to deal with the targeting issue created by the wrapping DIV webflow adds on embeds. ID’s might make it easier for you. jQuery might as well.


I share the working solution I’m using:


radio1 and radio2 are the ids of the 2 embedded divs.