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Preselect radio button on page load

Hello. I’m very green to webflow so please bear with me. This topic has been raised prior (Radio buttons pre-selected) and answered by @GrahamLinter, thank you… but… I’m still confused how to implement this solution

  • I have a form on my page, and in it I have several groups of radio buttons.
  • Each group has it’s own “Group Name” and each radio btn in each group has it’s own “Choice Value”. i.e. Group Name is unique on the page
  • For the radio group in question I followed Graham’s advice - In the “Custom Attributes” panel underneath Radio Button Settings, I added a custom attribute to the radio button I want preselected onload. I added the attribute with the Attribute Name = checked, and the Attribute Value = true.
  • I publish the page.
  • When viewed in the published webflow website the preselected radio button (above) is not showing the selected checked state onload.

Any help would be very much appreciated! My thanks

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Same here. The previous solutions doesn’t seem to work any longer.

Edit: this sounds like a confirmation that this is a bug - Feedback: Customize form checkboxes and radio buttons

I figured it out. It was very hard for me to dig up so here’s the link to the solution: