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Pre-populated text area on form with custom message

I’m working on a school website that will allow visitors to submit a pre-populated form to their local school board member using a contact form. They absolutely need this on their site and I don’t know how to set the text area with a pre-populated message that the user can submit or customize. This email that users will be sending out will be asking them for their name and email, but the text area portion of the email they will be sending out will already have a message written out. How do you do this?

I need help with this. I have to build out 60 other forms like this for other school counties.

Please note, that if the user chooses not to customize the message, the form will need to be able to be submitted with the pre-set message.

Hey @Bryon

You would have to add your text area input with custom code. It would look something like this :

<label for="story">Label</label>

<textarea id="story" name="story"
          rows="5" cols="33">
Your pre-populated message

Just put your message inside the textarea tags and by default, the input will have you message.
For more details : <textarea> - HTML (HyperText Markup Language) | MDN

Hope it helps !

Thank you! I don’t know why I didn’t think of this lol.

Thank you again, I’ll try this.