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How can I make the message area on my form allow the user to press ENTER to start a new line of message without submitting the form


I had a potential client use my form on my website the other day and he was frustrated because every time he pressed enter to start a new line of the message it submitted the form. He was unable to finish what he was typing about 4 times (which is why he sent me 4 incomplete messages through my website form)

Apparently there is a snippet of code I can put in to handle the problem but I have no idea 1.) How to write it and 2.) Where I need to put it in the code to make it happen.

If anyone has any suggestions or advice I would appreciate it a lot.


Hi @gojoberry

Can you post your site’s read-only link?

thanks in advance

Sure. Here it is:

try using a TEXT AREA instead :slightly_smiling:

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! This fixed it!! :grinning: