Pre-Filled Form Values Not Submitting

Hello All!

I have a form where I am using UTM parameters to prefill form elements. The problem is that the pre-filled elements are not submitting along with the user supplied elements. This is what the Javascript looks like:

window.onload = function (){
  let parameters = new URLSearchParams( );
	let fn = parameters.get('fn');
  let ln = parameters.get('ln');
	let address1 = parameters.get('address1');
  let city = parameters.get('city');
  let state = parameters.get('state');
  let zip = parameters.get('zip');
	let map = parameters.get('map');
  let size = parameters.get('size');
		let utm_source = parameters.get('source');
    document.getElementById("Lead-Source").value = source;

  const url = map;
  const decodedURL = decodeURI(url);
  console.log("url "+url);
  console.log("decoded: "+ decodedURL);
	document.getElementById("fn").value = fn;
	document.getElementById("ln").value = ln;
  document.getElementById("address1").value = address1;
	document.getElementById("city").value = city;
	document.getElementById("state").value = state;
  document.getElementById("zip").value = zip;
  document.getElementById("size").value = size;
	document.getElementById("greet_name").innerHTML = "Hello " + fn + "!";
  document.getElementById("square_footage").innerHTML = "You have " + size + " square feet of grass!";

And this is an example of a url with UTM parameter values:

Get a Quote E Antebellum Dr&city=Pittsboro&state=NC&zip=27312&map=

Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow - Canopy Lawn Care

Hi there,

there is a payload and including state + city.

Map is missing but it’s not in your code and I guess you are missing hidden field to store that

document.getElementById("map").value = map;