URL (UTM) parameters in hidden form gets cleared out after loading


I followed this tutorial to get utm parameters to populate form fields.

When I load a page with utm parameters in my url, the form fields do get populated, however they get cleared out after 1 second, and I don’t know why…

Here is a read-only link
The form is at the bottom of the Home page.

If anyone has an input on that, please share it!

Thanks :slight_smile:

You use code that’s run only one time (The first example).
Nothing happens after 1 second in general (This is very simple code).


  1. Add live url
  2. Add url with params example

** Maybe in your project you use more custom code related to forms.

If you want to save the values between pages you must save the values somewhere.

By Cockie:

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Ok I figured something out!

It works when I remove this line from the Custom Head Code in the project settings:

<script async="" src="https://get.geojs.io/v1/ip/geo.js"></script>

Do you think this would be solved by switching to cookies?

I do not know. In my case this script not break the UTM code . The geo.js not related to forms in general.

Add live url.