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Pre-build layouts and new break points

What is the point of having pre-built layouts and new large breakpoints if the container is still locked to specific (small) size?

Maybe I’m missing something, but I would love to hear the logic behind this…?

You can now change the max-width value of the Container element.

That’s true that this info is a bit discreet.

I noticed, but still don’t understand the logic behind it. For people that are new to Webflow this is absolute nightmare of confusion. And if can change max-width (which should function as a hard limiter) why can’t we set the width?

Because by essence the Container element has a width of 100% with a max-width equal to the one of the breakpoint. It’s also centered by default.

You can absolutely entirely ditch the preconfigured elements in Webflow and particularly, the Container.

I get that, and I know I can work around this, but it is very confusing to a lot of newcomers to Webflow (as reflected in a meetup groups). I also understand the default styling, but why is it locked? Is it because it would be technically challenging to change it due to legacy use? If yes, I’d suggest that this element is visually separated from other elements that are fully editable. If not we should just unlock it.

Also all this gets exaggerated by the layout components that use the container. Imagine that you are new to Webflow and are designing your first website. You use several layout components, you spend time styling them and then when you start working on responsiveness you find out that you can edit this element and can’t figure out why… this is very frustrating and discouraging and happens a lot.

It’s true, the new breakpoint will increase the confusion with the Container dimensions.

@brjohnson, maybe a cheap action to ease the confusion would be to edit the flyout message of the width and min width fields, and add “Edit Max-width instead.” to the text it already cotnains.


Thanks for the heads up! We’re updating that tooltip to be clearer.