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2 weeks of Webflow - My initial frustrations

Please please please allow me to change the width of the container. This is an oversight, and leads to confusion, and a bad taste in my mouth from Webflow at the jump. You want people to have custom designs, and create anything they want. You create a component called a container, but then dont allow them to customize the simple width of it. Yes, I know, i can create a div, and format it to a container. Yes, i know it takes 2 seconds to complete. But the fact that I have to bang my head against the wall for 20 minutes to find out webflow’s basic component isn’t useful sucks as an initial experience. you make it seem as though its so simple, ah just grab the container. but no. youll never grab the container unless you subscribe to 940. which is old. the user experience of this is terrible. more people will make this mistake. some will just up and leave. i almost did. initial experience with your product needs to be a breeze and make sense.

make sections actually have section tags in html5. otherwise what’s the point? at least it has some semantic benefit. and please please please don’t give me the error “can’t add a section to a section” … most users get it that adding a section is adding another section to the page. but no i get hit with this error and i have to go all the way back to select the body then add the section. bad ux. thousands of people make this error every single day and feel stupid. they aren’t stupid. the app is designed stupid. people want to add a section, just make it happen. if they really wanted to try to add a section into another section while dragging for example, then hit them with the error. otherwise just add a new section to the body as soon as someone clicks add section. thats what people want.

you have a breakpoint for mobile landscape but not tablet landscape, which is a lot more common anyways. why not? why force people to have to learn to create media queries with custom code when you can just add the breakpoint and format it for tablets like the ipad or ipad pros. people care about what their sites look like landscape on these devices. just add it. makes it so much easier, because otherwise it slows down development time by a ton.

i love webflow. a lot of people forget what the initial user experience is like and just learn to live with things that aren’t great. they think they are the problem, and webflow is all knowing. no, webflow isn’t perfect. neither am i. but i can guarantee you a lot of people have felt the same way about these things and have made these same mistakes. i think they are easy things to fix considering the complexity of the app in other areas. just fix them, make it easy for newcomers to enjoy the app without making a lot of the same mistakes i’ve made over the past couple weeks and feeling stupid when really, the app could just be better.

Also, in order to change all h1,h2,h3, etc headings for a tablet or lower breakpoint. I first have to remove all classes, combo classes from the h tag then select the h element, make changes, remember what the classes were, and re add them. this is because there is a bug when switching to “all h1 heading” after selecting the “inheriting X selectors” link it automatically switches you to desktop mode when it should leave you in the breakpoint you’re in and honor that current breakpoint and below.

other people have asked this question, and not been answered properly and feel stupid but really it’s just a bug that should be fixed.