Possible to move assets into already existing folders?

Note: I’m fairly new to Webflow, so please forgive me if there’s an obvious answer to this question. It’s such an simple operation that I can’t believe I’m not just missing something. But I did search the forum & documentation & couldn’t find any answers so I’m posting here)

It’s easy to organize assets into folders – if you create the folders first and then have one of them selected when you upload new assets. However, I had already uploaded a bunch of assets before I thought about putting them in folders. So I created some folders, thinking it would be easy enough to drag assets into the folders, or else there’d be something in each asset’s setting that allowed you to select a parent (like you can do with pages). But when you click and hold an asset, the Assets panel immediately disappears and the only thing you can do is drop the asset somewhere on the current page. And there’s nothing in the asset’s settings that allows you to select a parent.

I can’t believe this isn’t doable. What am I missing?

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Howdy @phoberman and welcome to the community! :wave:

This is definitely possible, both by creating folders separately (like you’ve done) or by creating them as needed. Just make sure you’re viewing the larger Asset panel and then click the small checkmark icon that appears in the bottom right corner of the asset image(s) you want to move:


After you select all of the assets, click the “Move” button at the top of the panel and you can choose which folder (whether it’s already been created or not) that you’d like to move the asset(s) to:

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