Is there a FOLDER limit in Assets?

Is there a limit to how many FOLDERS we can have in the Assets section?

I would like to have:

  • 6 or 7 Parent Folders
  • 800+ Folders (with about 40 pics in each folder).

Our customers send us numerous images of their projects, and we post them to their Photo Gallery page (Blog Post). As we grow, the number of folders will increase.

So I’m hoping to hear WebDev or someone with equal mad-Webflow skills and knowledge say…

“There is NO limit to how many folders you can have”
“There is NO limit to how many folders you can put into a Parent Folder”

Thanking you in Advance!

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I think only Webflow can confirm this. It is worth noting that “folders” in assets are a designer only thing. Folders are not used on the CDN.

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Thanks Jeff!

We always appreciate your insight!