Possible to create a Tennis Court Booking system?

I am trying to see if creating a booking system using Webflow and possibly some other no-code tools like Airttable or Memberstack is possible.

The goal is to create a system that enables users to create accounts and book 60-minute or 120-minute slots on five different courts every day and also create a limit of one booking per day. In theory, it would be no other than a hair salon booking except for the limit of one booking per customer per day. Also, we need to incorporate payment for booking depending on membership level.

It would be nice to leverage Webflow’s users and logic system as much as possible.

I am also wondering if this could be built using the native CMS system and leveraging Zapier or logic to book off slots and collect payments, etc.

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Hi @Hamzster.
Josh with Foxy here. If you don’t get what you need, you might consider our seamless Webflow integration: https://foxy.io/webflow

With our proposed setup, you can manage courts, bookings, etc. with Webflow CMS. Custom code will be needed for some of the logic. In addition, you’ll need Make or Zapier and a more robust date/time picker like Mobiscroll.

We integrate with 100+ gateways and payment options that can be enabled for your checkout. Customers configure their booking, proceed to checkout, and pay.

We’ve helped other Webflow users with somewhat similar needs via our Accelerate Program: https://foxy.io/accelerate

Here’s a live yacht rental/booking example (Foxy + Webflow): https://www.bartonyachts.com/day-charter-yachts/33-formula-dizzle

Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or need help getting started: hello@foxy.io


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