Position absolute element not staying relative to the correct parent element

Hey Webflow,

I’m having trouble and I could really use your help.

Reference image:

In this section of my website I want to do a cool modal pop up when you click on certain CMS items. This effect is only enabled on the Mercedes, Honda, and Acura Logo. The modal is located with in the CMS and when triggered fades in position:absolute relative to the entire section. I created a dark overlay that goes behind the modal and did the same thing but as you can see from this screenshot below the dark overlay is only covering the grid of car logos, it is not expanding to the entire section.

Here is what it looks like (the red border is for reference):

I double-checked that the section component was the only “relative” parent to the dark overlay element but that doesn’t seem to work.

Does anyone have any recommendations on how to track down the issue?

Read Only Link: Webflow - UAG

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