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Portfolio grid gallery?

trying to make a gallery see link:
Unfortunately, I still fail, I tried to create it through the Grid component, the images themselves, or through columns and embedded divs with images.
Someone have some tips on how to do it?

Hey there Martin,
Welcome to the forum :smiley:

  1. You can watch the Webflow university videos about grid and other elements to understand better how to use them.
  2. Another possibility is to find a cloneable project and use it or understand how it works from within. Here or here.
  3. Lastly, if you’ll share a read-only link to your project, we can take a look and direct you in the right direction… :sunny:

thank you very much for the tips, seeing tutorials I have already found. I used one grid layout now and would like to create a lightbox gallery instead of background images. but if I put a lightbox in the Div object, the pictures will break the grid

If you replace the ‘offset-block’ elements with lightbox elements, and then give the image inside the lightbox the ‘grid-img’ class it won’t break the grid:


thx for your advise and for the video. it looks like it’s exactly what I needed. I’ll try and let me know how I ended up

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