Portfolio Custom Slider

Hi all,

I’m trying to build a custom slider feature for a client’s portfolio site. It seems like it should be fairly straight forward, just a carousel effect displaying the main image in the middle with a preview of the previous and next image either side. It also needs to be able to contain both portrait and landscape images with even spacing.

See attached for what I am trying to achieve.

I watched the Webflow live workshop on creating a multi-column slider which seemed to be getting me towards my goal (setting the slider overflow to hidden and the mask overflow to visible and width at 70%), but I couldn’t work out how to centre the main image. It also didn’t help with the different orientations of the images

Any thoughts would be a massive help.



Hey I am also trying to build the same thing! Turns out it is pretty hard to do so if you have never done it before.
I am tracking this post to keep an eye on the solutions

That’s what I’m starting to realise after hours of trawling through forums and video tutorials. Hopefully someone comes up with a solution for both our sakes!

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Hey Jake, I have built something but it’s hard for me to explain the problem here. I am facing a small issue. If you have known webflow relatively well, then may be we can get on a zoom?