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Portfolio 21 day challenge project CMS help

I started the webflow design portfolio 21 day challenge. I am on the CMS portion of the course and no matter how many times I undo everything and redo it it my outcome doesn’t look like his. Notice my rows are touching each other and I didn’t do that. As soon as I hit GRID option it does this for me and his doesn’t do it.

any suggestions?

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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should look like this with the space between the rows.


The best way to get help is to share your read only link, since You didn’t share I can not show You how to fix that. Anyway, if you are using GRID so create space between rows with the Gap tool as I demonstrate to you in the attach video

Sorry didn’t know how to do that. After researching how I have my read only link. I tried to follow that video but when I adjust the row; nothing happens.

So here is my read only link to the issue

Hi @Daniel_Hughes, sorry for the late response here. Happy to help here. The share link you provided takes me to a 404. Can you share another one if you’re still experiencing this behavior?