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I think this has been asked before, but I can’t find it in the archives.

I’ve created a simple popup on scroll on the home page using interactions, but is there a way to stop the popup reappearing if it has been opened once, or the form in the popup submitted, even if the viewer navigates away from the home page and then back to it?



Hi - can anyone help with this? @cyberdave @vincent @bartekkustra ?


Hello Dan,

By the sounds of it what you’re looking to do may need some cookies functionality which checks whether the user has a cookie or not.

You may need to wait for the professionals here:smile: )

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Hi - Yes, thanks…I suspected that and am waiting patiently…! :grimacing:

Yep you need to set a cookie.

Now the european law oblige you to make an extra popup upon site launch to tell europeans you’re using cookies. You can use another cookie to prevent this cookie popup to reopen. How’s that funny… :wink:

Ha!.. Thanks @vincent … but given my lack of jQuery knowledge and that I have already built the popup using interactions, which parts of the code in the examples do I need to put into the head and body? Your help is appreciated.

Did you manage to get this sorted? I’m looking to do something similar and I’m trying to work out if it’s viable to have this kind of functionality on a Webflow hosted site, and ideally with an interaction based pop-up like you.

@vincent do you know if that’s doable?

Hi I should have answered, I don’t do JS or anything server related like cookies, htaccess etc… I have no skills at that.

Ah OK, thanks anyway! My first strategy is to try and convince the client that it’s not a great idea anyway as I think the thing he’s asking for is a bit ‘dark UX’, but I am still interested to know how it would be done if anyone else knows.

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