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Popup/Modal window

I cannot make a modal window to popup. I read all the forum comments about the subject, use the info from the tutorial, probably spent 5 hours on it, but cannot make it work.

I created an orphan page to learn how to do it.
the class of section (hidden) background is called: modalBG

the class of the button to make the window popup is called: modlink

the class of button to close the popup is called: close

Here is the code that used

Here is the dashboard Navigator screen shot

The modal window in the modal background section (modalBG) ony contains an image.

the url of the site: the button named studio is linked to the popup page

the url of the page itself:

any help will be greatly appreciated, this is driving me crazy…



I did this tutorial, probably 10 times, check it again and again, I cannot see what I am doing wrong.

Use lowercase only popup = $('.modalbg'); instead of popup = $('.modalBG');. Webflow automaticaly lowercase all classes and adds - instead of spaces betwenn words .


I made a new popup-page, with all lowercase type classes, here is what the code looks like now, but I still can make anything popup, darn…

modal-background the hidden window

open-modal the button to open the window
close-modal the button to close the window

Hi again

Magic! it is working, finally…Thanks again

NowI can stylize to my hear content…:slight_smile:

one more question: to make a second popup on the page, after I create a new hidden section, different Z index,
do I repeat the code and change the class names ie: modal-background2, open-modal2, close-modal2 ?


Didier. AKA fizounet

I was just reading that, but the images don’t resize to the browser window…