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Please Remove The 10k Character Limit

I have a code from codepen that I want to embed in my site, but its not allowing me to, because of the 10k limit. Please help.

Code limit has already been increased from 5k to 10k. For any larger custom code, the current workaround is to host it elsewhere and include via script/style tags or AJAX methods (jQuery.getScript/jQuery.load).

For a tutorial of how to host scripts on github, check out the tutorial I wrote in the Tips & Tricks category (see my profile for threads started by me)

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Thank your reply, I was able to host it on GitHub and embed it, but I don’t know for what reason when I publish it, the whole webpage changes, the embed iframe background takes over the current background.

This is usually due to errors in the script or improper embed method.

How can I solve it? I tried all my other html file and the same output was experienced.
I copied your script exactly in the tips and tricks. Please what do you think might the error. how can I embed properly?

Here’s the required information needed if you want help.

This is a bad solution. Writing custom code becomes an absolute nightmare. Already there was no linting, auto-formatting and hot-reloading, now someone will need to push the code to the repo to see every change. it’s crazy… What kind of workflow is that?

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It’s a workaround. Better than nothing. You don’t have to use it if you feel it’s bad.