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How Do I Bypass 5000 Embed Code Limit?

Hi Cyberdave

You made mention of how to bypass the 5k character code limit in the html embed using js.
Actually i am a coding noob and i cant function without a detailed instructions.

I’m trying to embed this codepen -

please can you help with a short guide on how to do it your own way so we can bypass the annoying 5k code limit?

It will help others now and in the future.


Here is my public share link: LINK
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Haha, @DFink, that’s a smart idea. :wink:

To bypass the code limit, what you can do is host your code else where, like Github, and reference that in your custom code.


<script src="URL-to-your-github-JS-file-goes-here"></script>


Thanks Friend,
but the issue is that how do i host it. a short guide? please?

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