Please help advise on complicated interactive lottie animation! A real challenge. Well, for me at least


Struggling with abit of a potentially complicated idea…

I have made a team page animation in after effects that I would like to have animate on page load and then when you mouse over the different parts of the animation it will play just the part of the animation that has the mouse on it.

Then when you click different parts of the animation it will bring up a pop up modal with information about the member of the team.

I have included pictures of the animation below, I have separate JSON files of each wire. I thought I could layer them and animate them in webflow separately but it doesn’t work because of the formatting. I can collect them all together using relative positioning… but thats too impractical for different resolutions.

Sigh, any help would be much appreciated. I hope there is enough info here.

Thanks for your time.


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