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Placing elements side by side with full control


I am having difficulty understanding how to have full control over putting elements side by side with precision. For example, I tried to place two div blocks containing text next to each other by increasing the left margin of the second div block (to the right of the first div block). In doing this I pushed down the first div block. I essentially want to create multiple element blocks and be able to place them within a section and be able to stack them on top of each other, as well as, side by side with precision. Theoretically, if I had full control i could create 4 small squares and place them anywhere on the page in a perfect larger square.

Thanks for the help,

Many ways to position blocks.

Display:inline-blocks will put them one after another horizontally
You can use the Row widget to layout your space too.

Now positioning: when relative, add values for moving the block depending on it’s original poisition in HTML
When absolute, use the value to position a block depending on the position of it’s closest positionned parent (a parent block that has position:relative with no value will do)

The best way to help you is if you start on your project and come back here to give us your project public-sharing link.


Thank you for the response. I am very much a beginner with all this web design. I do not code, so I am just trying to design a skeleton for a website I am working on with my friend where he (the coder) can add custom code and our data which is mainly pictures. Just need to design the skeleton to hold those pictures, a navigation bar and a few buttons and drop downs. Will keep playing around more with rows and columns.

Ok, so did what I said make sense to you? We can take it step by step if you want (: Juste tell me.

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