Fitting elements of varying sizes

Hey folks,

I’m going crazy because I know this is really basic, but I can’t make it work. I am pretty new to Webflow and am working stuff out. I got the hard stuff done. My interactions are all working, and everything looks and works great EXCEPT THIS!

What I am trying to do is as follows:

• I have 3 images. They will reside on my home page, and will be links to other pages.

• These 3 images will fit into a box. The box will use 70% of the screen width. The box will have a 10px border, and 10 pixels borders separating each of the 3 images within the box.

• The images will be contained in 2 rows of equal width. The top row is comprised of one of the images, spanning 100% of the box width. The bottom row will contain the other 2 images, the left image taking 60% of the box width, and the right image taking the remaining 40%.

The problem that I am having is that I can’t create the two rows. I have tried using Max width to contain the images and force them to create the 2nd row, but that isn’t working. I know this is really simple and feel dumb even asking it, but the answer is just eluding me.

Please help!



Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Hey @samjordan, what format are you using for the parent div (block, flex, grid)? Your read-only link isn’t working :slight_smile:

Hi Stephanie.

I have tried using DIVs, also flex box. I would use a grid, but I don’t know how to join two grid cells (if that can even be done) to contain the top image. I am open to whatever solution might work. Think working it from the ground up. Thanks!


OK, so I’m working in a grid, which SHOULD be perfect for this. However, despite the tutorial showing simple drag to span content across multiple cells, when I try to drag the item across to the second cell, it doesn’t move. AHH!

Hi @samjordan, can you please share the read-only link for your site?

I believe what you need to do is set the elements to manual positioning, but can give you a better description once I see your site. Thanks!

Hi Stephanie,

ALL of the elements contained in the grid are already set to manual.


Sorry but I’m afraid I can’t help much more without seeing the site :slight_smile: let me know if you need any help getting the read-only link (don’t worry, no one can apply changes via this link, just see what you have set up currently).

Hey Stephanie,

I got my read only link, so you can see the site.

Thanks for your help!


Perfect, thanks!

Just apply the changes in the following video and you should be good :slight_smile:

HI Stephanie,

I wish that I could. For some reason unbeknownst to me, I do not get the four corner handles that you do when I select the image. ll I get is one smaller one on the lower right corner, which doesn’t work at a!

Can you imagine why that might be. I mean, I watched you do it on the video! I’m losing my mind behind this, because it is an utterly simple thing that should be working fine, but isn’t!

Thanks so much,


My mistake. The handle doesn’t do nothing. I can resize the image smaller, but I cannot cross out of the cell.

When I click on the image, the entire grid gets highlighted exactly as the image does in your video

Hi @samjordan, so sorry you’re still having problems with it—can I ask what browser & operating system you’re viewing from?

If it’s possible for you to also send a video of what you’re seeing that would be great—you can use a free browser extension like if you don’t already have something.

Mac OS 10.12.6 (Sierra)

Google Chrome is up to date
Version 75.0.3770.100 (Official Build) (64-bit)

That’s a good Mac OS release :raised_hands:t2:

Yeah I’m not seeing why you would be having problems with it either… I only recently upgraded from 10.12.6 to 10.13.6, and didn’t have any grid issues before or after.

If you happen to be able to get a video of what’s happening then I’ll try to help further, but otherwise you may want to try contacting Webflow Customer Support, maybe they know of a bug or something. Really sorry I can’t do more! :unamused:

Hi Stephanie,

I had a little trouble getting a decent video. I used quicktime to do it, then that wouldn’t upload to here, so I put it up on my vimeo.

I first click on the DIV containing the grid, then I select the grid, then the image. I call attention to the handles that you got to adjust the image, but I am getting them on the grid instead. You then see me try to get the image to cross the boundary of the grid and to make the image smaller as well, with no success.

I just d not get it.

I don’t suppose that there is a way that I can add you as a collaborator, and you can execute this one simple change? I will set up the link blocks and have everything else done, if you can just resize that image, that would be fabulous! There must be a way to collaborate.

Thanks so much,


Hi Stephanie,

Thank you for your help. I decided to do the next best thing. I punted and changed the design. I like it just as well.

Here’s a pic. I still have to add the labels, but at least it all works now!


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Hi @samjordan, so sorry we couldn’t get this working for you. I have to wonder if you tried adjusting from the red lines (maybe bottom right of the grid) in the video to change the span of the image? Maybe somehow it got set to all four squares of the grid… Only thing I can think of.

Glad you found a solution anyway though, it looks good :slight_smile: