Placement of images with parallax scroll

Hello everyone! so I was following along with the parallax tutorials and had no issues with it getting to work technically, but I’m having placement issues. I tweaked the size of my container to 1500px (original is 1200px) and I noticed that with the images that I have animated so far, seem to completely not be seen in the frame / don’t start or end where I originally placed them absolutely onion relation to its surrounding content on the page. I’ve tried to work out the equivalency of the y-index number equivalents so it looks like the images are travelling at the velocity of the tutorial (for the fast, medium and slow) while still maintaining some form of visibility/stay around the area that I placed it. I have quite a bit of content and it took a while to organize them visually so when they get animated way outta place and never end up where they were placed, it makes it difficult to fix it so they seem fairly arranged.

I hope that’s clear enough of a description!

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